Charlottesville, VA Carpet Cleaning At It’s Finest!

The combination of Tidy Guy’s powerful equipment, top-notch cleaning solutions, and professional cleaning process will make your carpets look and feel clean and rejuvenated again.

Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning In Charlottesville VA

The traditional deep steam/hot water extraction method for carpet cleaning is considered to be a very effective method to clean carpets. To speed up the drying process, Tidy Guy uses very efficient air mover equipment. Your carpets should be completely dry within 24 hours, but many times they are dry in 5 to 8 hours.

Tidy Guy always recommends having a carpet protector applied as an addition to the cleaning process. The carpet protector creates a protective barrier which prevents spills from soaking through and creating stains.

Tidy Guy cares for those who suffer from asthma, allergies, or are sensitive to certain chemicals. If you need a special treatment because someone in your household suffers from those conditions, we have a solution. Just ask for our allergy-friendly treatment and we will use a product that is specially designed for asthma/allergies/sensitivities.

Charlottesville, VA Very Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

Tidy Guy also offers a unique very low moisture cleaning method. This method is as effective as steam cleaning and even provides a few additional benefits. The most significant one is very fast dry times. On average your carpets will be dry in 1-2 hours.

Another benefit is the carpet cleaning solution does not leave any soil attracting residue in the fibers of the carpet. This keeps your carpet cleaner for longer.

Both of these methods are very effective on most types of carpet fiber.

Don’t forget – we offer furniture cleaning as well!

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