A Typical Day In Charlottesville Virginia

There may be places you only heard about unintentionally through random people you might get along any day, for some reasons maybe you have heard of the University of Virginia without knowing what lies behind the city where it is located. The following will give you enough reason why you must visit and try spending a day in this beautiful city.


Wake up and say hello to some Bagels at Bodo’s


You will probably have the kind of New York feels walking the streets in the morning holding a bagel and a cup of coffee together with the locals. You may have them with any of your chosen toppings such as sausages, cheese, some flavored cream, vegetables and more. If you’re traveling on a tight budget, this may be a decent breakfast for you and your friends.


Kick the Day Away with the Hoo Football Team


The Wahoos Football Team  – or Hoos to the locals are a favorite! This is one of the most enjoyed sports in Charlottesville where people stop everything and gather to watch the game and as soon as the team goes touchdown with the score, the entire audience sings the Good Old Song and will go swaying whether you are a part of the team’s cheering squad or not, you will surely enjoy the beautiful and victorious moment.


Take some time to watch Movie show in Paramount.


If you want to experience a cinema built with Greek facade with the elegant, ornate design with its interior, or even just to experience an old way of spending the day at a movie theatre in the golden ages, Paramount theatre is there for you. For movie lovers who are there for a twist. So experience what it’s like to have a movie date in 1930.


Take a stop at Boylan for some Brunch Shot.


If you want to visit Charlottesville and go socializing, Boylan is the right place for you. This is a classic hub for all the college students and for the people who would like to go chilling the whole day. Also, this is a venue for the shuffleboard tournament. This is where you can taste the famous breakfast shot that will give you a splash of buttery pancake taste. If you are new to this place, you are welcome to have some new friends, or if you’ve been here for some time, probably, you will be seeing some old friends, and that’s a promise.


Go for some never before “weird” run ritual.


Have you ever gone for a run wearing a knee-length shirt? Yes! You can probably experience that in Charlottesville yet you don’t have any reason to be ashamed of it because in there, you will be one of the coolest. This is kind of weird and why people haven’t figured it why they do it in such a way filling the entire streets with a full pack of joggers and runners wearing the trendiest sportswear brand such as Nike shoes. Whatever that is, Charlottesville will give you a fun environment to keep yourself fit.