The Often asked Question – What to Eat in Charlottesville

It is so hard to decide on where to eat when you are in Charlottesville because this city can give you overwhelming options knowing that you are a tourist, the food here will surely try its best to capture your taste and your heart. Funny thing is when you ask the locals on where to go when you’re craving for some chill and treats, well, you can hear only one thing from them and that they will ask you on how much can you eat? Because “delicious” is everywhere!


Lampo Pizza Charlottesville VA


Well, this place will give you a bit of disappointment if you miss trying their pizza! This is a place that customers patiently wait for a tablespace just to eat that pizza they can serve for only 90 seconds of cooking, and there is one reason why people look after their pizza more than anywhere else. This place serves nothing but a certified Neopolitan Pizza with quality that has been proven with the seal of approval from the D.O.C or the denomination of control which is an Italian standard for pizza.


Feast! A great Charlottesville eatery


There is no need to explain because literally, this place could give you a real feast of real treats. If you have a high-end taste when it comes to having your lunch, well you can spot some gourmet here. This place can probably give you so much of fresh food like salads and sandwiches. You may find the food a bit pricey than the rest yet they make sure that you get what you pay most especially when it comes to wine tasting. There always a good side about being here, if you’re traveling on a budget, you can probably give a try of their food for free. Yes! They are spreading free food for both the locals and the tourists to at least experience the food in this stellar city.


Fleurie – Great French Cuisine Rite Here In Charlottesville VA


How come you smell French food while you’re in Charlottesville? Well, you’re right, because you’re close to a contemporary French restaurant in which world-class culinary chefs’ team are there to serve you the best of their expertise.


Citizen Burger Bar


Who hates burgers? Well, surely, when you come and stop at citizen burger bar, you’ll learn that burgers are made in heaven, and you will surely love everything about it. We recommend you to try the Executive Burger because that is their best seller, but if you have any other options when it comes to your burger, surely you can find it all here.


Tastings of Charlottesville


Saving the best for last and for being named with the name of the city itself, surely, this place will never let you down. Tastings are one of the most underrated places to eat in this city yet this will probably give you treasures hidden in the cities down town.


You can spot a lot more if you come and experience Charlottesville’s best tastings and they’re just there waiting to serve you.