Sharing My Experience In The City Of Charlottesville

Did you know that the 2 US presidents have considered this city their home and these were Monroe and Jefferson making this city one of the most underrated when it comes to history and scenery, but I’m here to save the day because I will share with you how it was when I got a chance to spend some precious moments in Charlottesville, Virginia.

I love adventures, extreme to be exact. I love hiking, biking, and discovering places where great things happened right before my existence just like when I went in Monticello to grab a sneak of the home of Thomas Jefferson, witnessing all his lasting legacy when it comes to education and what continues to inspire the University of Virginia to excel in all things they do.

Music In Carlottesville VA

I am a musician, and this place gave me so much reason to stay knowing that this place has been a venue for so many musicians, artists, and even authors. There is something in this place that creates and inspires people to push what they want and create such wonderful work of arts and entertainment that is deserved to be known in the world. If you’re here and would love to be entertained, this place can never go wrong with its talented musicians for any genre you like, and you can spot them all downtown.

Outdoor Activities In Charlottesville Virginia

Now, time for me to share my favorite part of my Charlottesville adventure and that is when I explored what this city could offer me when it comes to outdoor stuff. I had a rush when I tried Kayaking the Rivanna and James, never missed any off-road adventures for I’ve been running the trails and biking all the way out to the wilderness. Seeing how the locals make it through day and day in the rural gave so much nostalgia with my childhood.

As we went along to the farms, you can smell the freshness of fruits and vegetable harvests, and that made me fall in love with the orchards. Along the road, you may just pick up some strawberries, apples, and cherries and continue the fun with bountiful, fresh and nutritious snacks.

Charlottesville Wineries And Breweries

If you’re a fan of wine, yes! This place is certainly your second home. This city has a spot where the best brewery and vineyards are located for you to discover and taste what’s the best beverage you can find in Virginia. Be sure to check out the Blenheim Vineyards for sure!

A page can never handle all the fun stuff we had when in Virginia and just the only thing that I would like to emphasize. This place has it all from modern to historical; you will have all these experiences in just one stop. If the two presidents made this place a home, there is no reason for me not to consider this as one of my most favorite places to come back and even stay as long as I could, see you again, Charlottesville!