Has your shower glass started to look cloudy, dull and hard to see through? Do you wish that it would be clear, the way it used to be? Tidy Guy will definitely be happy to help you with that with our shower glass restoration service.

Having your shower glass restored will add years to the life span and improve the overall appearance.

Shower Glass Restoration – It’s Affordable

We won’t just remove deposits from your shower glass, but also from the surroundings and fixtures, which includes metal framing and faucets.Tidy Guy’s process harmlessly removes mineral deposits, hard water stains, grime and soap scum. The affected surface won’t be scratched or affected in any other way by the restoration process. To keep deposits from developing on your glass, we apply a heavy duty sealer to help prevent deposit buildup. The whole restoration process is absolutely environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

Shower Glass Restoration and Cleaning For A Like New Shower

Don’t replace! Call us first for a free estimate. You might surprised at what we can do!

If you live in Charlottesville or surrounding counties and have a shower enclosure that is covered with hard to remove deposits, give Tidy Guy a call at (434) 260-1020 or contact us through our website.

For a complete makeover – check out our tile and grout cleaning page too,

Beautifully restored shower glass door and side panel in the bathroom.