Granite Cleaning and Polishing

Granite is one of the best choices for a kitchen countertop. Besides its natural beauty, it has resistance to scratches, scuffs and cuts, and most importantly has an excellent life span. Granite countertops are beautiful when new, but as time passes they get exposed to many factors that deteriorate its surface. Those factors include spills from drinks, other liquids, and powder or acidic cleaners.

Tidy Guy can certainly help to restore dull granite and remove the vast majority of stains.

It is recommended to have your granite sealed once a year to protect it from damage caused by acids or other substances. Sealers give you time to wipe away any spills. However, the longer the potentially damaging substance stays on the surface, the more likely that it will wear away the sealer.

Travertine and Marble Stone

Has your travertine floor lost its luster and is it in need of rejuvenation? Tidy Guy can restore the beautiful appearance of your natural stone, whether it is in your bathroom, living room or kitchen.

Ordinary cleaning products and acidic drinks like wine and soda can cause etch marks. The etch marks happen because acidic liquid reacts with the calcium that is present in the stone. This chemical reaction literally burns the stone which causes etch marks or dull spots. Our process can remove these chemical burns and restore the shine and polish of your travertine or marble.

Our technique and equipment allow us to achieve excellent shine on granite, travertine, marble and limestone. Tidy Guy can also remove wear patterns and scratches from your natural stone.

Stone Grout

Stone floors tend to have grout that gets discolored over time because of the buildup of soil and dirt from foot traffic and other environmental buildups. We will be able to address the issue and use the best method and product that would make your grout look amazing again.

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