Wood Floors CleaningIt seems like there is general confusion among homeowners about the advantages and disadvantages of having a carpet versus having a hardwood floor. One industry stands by carpet being better, the other industry has the same view on hardwood floors. This leaves many clients confused and unaware about the benefits that both of the flooring types have.

And what does Tidy Guy recommend? Balance and common sense!

Carpet traps airborne dust specks in the area between the tufts. With a high quality vacuum you can then extract the dust specks. If vacuumed regularly, carpet does not irritate asthma and allergies.

Carpet also dampens the sound (excluding commercial glue-on carpets), keeps rooms warm, is more pleasant to walk on, prevents slipping and can last many years when it is good quality. There is a wide variety of colors and patterns to choose from when purchasing carpet.

If having your carpet professionally cleaned once every 12-18 months, your carpet can have a very long life span. Tidy Guy is always happy to help you with that!

Hardwood Floor Maintenance Is The Key!

Hardwood floors provide a natural, lasting look. They can last a very long time, IF maintained properly. People normally turn to hardwood floors because they are “fed up” with having to vacuum their carpet or seeing dirty carpet. Besides regular mopping, hardwood floors need to be actually vacuumed more frequently than carpet, because there is nowhere for the dust to get trapped in which causes it to move around the room freely. Spills from drinks or pet urine can easily cause permanent damage to the floor. Scratches are another instance of common hardwood floor damage. Of course, then there are termites which love to feast on it.Wood Floor Cleaning should be part of your homes yearly maintenance plan.

Wood Floor Cleaning By A Pro

Regular maintenance of hardwood floors includes frequent vacuuming and mopping. Professional cleaning is needed once every few years. Tidy Guy’s process includes deep cleaning and dustless refinishing of your hardwood floors, which will revive your floors and save you from having to spend a large amount of money on full refinishing.

I have seen ruined hardwood floors that had to be replaced or completely refinished just after a few years of use. I have also seen carpet that has been 20 years old and looked like a few months old! Regular care and maintenance is always the key to the life span of your floor.

Tidy Guy is knowledgeable about the best course of action to take with your floors. If you are unsure whether your floor can be “saved”, let Tidy Guy come and take a look and give you advice.