Specialty Carpet Stain Removal

I rarely see a carpet that would not have some sort of stain. It is a common and hardly avoidable occurrence. Some stains happen because of spills, a child drawing on carpet with a marker, paint spots from a recent DIY project, pet accidents, and then there are those that happen unknowingly such as rust from metal objects, water rings from flowers, or furniture dye stains.

What are carpet stains in the first place?

Stains are basically a form of discoloration that, in most cases, cannot be removed with normal carpet cleaning. Some stains get into the fiber such as fruit punches, urine, tea, coffee, dyes etc. In order to remove them they have to be chemically altered and extracted. Other substances and stains only stay on the outside of the fiber such as lipstick, chewing gum, adhesive etc. These have to be successfully dissolved first, in order for them to be extracted. Stain removal is not a one-fits-all treatment as some might think. For instance, stains that are organic need to be treated differently than petroleum stains. The same applies to protein stains which require different action than synthetic dye stains for example.

Since stains need specialty treatment, I recommend you call the specialist in stain removal – Tidy Guy!

Although many stains can be removed, occasionally some stains will not budge like some red dyes.

Filtration Soil Removal

Filtration Lines BeforeFiltration lines after


If you have encountered black stains around heat vents – along walls and under doors then you know what I mean by filtration soiling. These stains are very difficult to remove. We are experts at this as well. They do require some effort but as you can see by these pictures – they can be cleaned up!

Have you ever heard of stain wickback?

Sometimes large amount of liquids (e.g., spilled beverage, or pet accident) can completely saturate the carpet and get into the padding beneath the carpet. If those spills dry out, they will become embedded in the backing or pad. During the carpet cleaning those spots will be reactivated, and the embedded dirt in the backing/pad starts slowly traveling toward the tips of the fiber causing staining to reappear hours or days after the carpet has been cleaned. Wickback can be difficult to treat, happens mostly to berber carpet, and sometimes pad replacement is advisable. If this happens, make sure to mention it, so that Tidy Guy can do his best to alleviate the issue.

What is my recommendation?

The longer the stain stays untreated, the smaller the chance of successful removal of it. Also – don’t use any store bought miracle solutions – they may actually set the stain and make it impossible to remove!

Dealing with stains is similar to dealing with a toothache. The longer you do nothing about it, the more difficult it will be to successfully treat it. Call Tidy Guy at (434) 260-1020 and he will be happy to help you with stain removal!

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