Keep Your Granite Counter Top Beautiful

So you treated yourself and replaced the old dull man made kitchen counter top with a brand new shiny granite stone.

It doesn’t just look great, but it also adds value to your home. Perhaps you were told by a friend or relative that the granite stone is the most suitable for the kitchen because it’s scratch and spill resistant. That is definitely true as far as it is maintained properly, although it is considered to be a low maintenance stone. Another amazing property of granite is that it resists damage from heat, whether it’s from a hot pot or a hair straightener. Many people use their granite counter top as a cutting board, which Tidy Guy doesn’t recommend because it dulls knives.

Granite Polishing and Cleaning Charlottelsville VA

Granite Cleaning and Polishing

As with any surface, your granite countertop needs to be looked after, otherwise it will lose it’s luster and ability to protect against certain liquids. Granite is pourous, so it is necessary to have it regularly sealed with the best sealer possible. If the sealer begins to wear away, then it is more likely for liquids to get absorbed into the stone. This would cause staining which could be very difficult to remove. To prevent the potential staining or growth of bacteria in pores of granite, it should be sealed on a regular basis, typically once every year or two. The lighter colored countertops need to be sealed more frequently because they are more porous.

Tidy Guy recommends using neutral cleaning products to keep your countertop beautiful, because continued use of harsh chemicals wears off the sealer faster.

Has your granite countertop lost it’s shine? When was the last time you had it professionally sealed?

Have your counter top professionally sealed and polished by Tidy Guy! He will restore the deep shine and natural beauty and color of your granite!

Don’t forget that we also stain concrete and polish too!