Tiles and grout in the kitchen showing partially dirty and clean condition

Tile and grout are becoming more and more popular every year in homes all across the country just like hardwood floors have as well. A popular misconception is that they are maintenance free! This is far from the truth! Although tile itself provides a tough, smooth surface (in the case of ceramic tile) – grout is another story! Grout is a very porous material and sucks in dirt and dirty mop water like crazy!

Sealing Grout Goes A long Way

The first thing any homeowner should do after their tile is installed is to have the grout sealed. Many people are under the impression that the tile installers do this after the job is done. This is not usually the case. Grout must cure for several days before it is sealed. By then the tile installers are off to another job. This is where we can help – Tidy Guy uses the finest sealers the industry has to offer for both grout and natural stone.

Maintaining Tile Floors

Here is the trick – clean water and very little soap! You see – soap can build up and then becomes very difficult to remove. The other issue is spreading dirty mop water around the floor – this is very prevalent in commercial buildings. Invest in a dual chamber mop bucket and your floors will stay cleaner much longer.

Call A Pro To Get Your Tile And Grout Cleaned

There comes a time when you will need to call in a pro like Tidy Guy. Our powerful equipment can blast away years of dirt and soap buildup making your floor look like new again! We can then seal your floor and put it on a maintenance plane to keep it that way.